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#732 [ID] failed link identity to a remote

Closed on February 23, 2023
tankf33der on November 19, 2022
$ pijul id ed
Editing identity: default
✔ Unique identity name · default
✔ Display name · Mike
✔ Email (leave blank for none) ·
✔ Do you want to change the encryption? (Current status: not encrypted) · no
✔ Do you want this key to expire? (Current expiry: never) · no
✔ Do you want to link this identity to a remote? · yes
✔ Remote username · tankf33der
✔ Remote URL ·
✔ Do you want to change the default SSH key? (Current key: none) · no
Linking identity
Warning: Unable to automatically authenticate with server. Please make sure your SSH keys have been uploaded to the Nest.
For more information, please visit
✔ Password for · ********
Error: Could not prove identity default. Please check your credentials & network connection. If you are on an enterprise network, perhaps try running with `--no-cert-check`
tankf33der on November 19, 2022

Now i can not commit to nest with keys it always asking password and records comes from unknown user.

finchie added a change on November 26, 2022
finchie added a change on November 26, 2022
finchie on November 26, 2022

These patches should help in only proving identities when required. Does that fix your issue?

tankf33der on November 27, 2022

Never worked with patches from issue, how to pull?

pmeunier on February 23, 2023

I can reproduce this issue. @finchie: tankf33der has a different Nest handle and Linux login, and so do I.

In our cases, the suggested hostname is “”, which we accept as it is. But then Pijul interprets “” as a “remote”, i.e. either an SSH host or a URL, or maybe a path. In the case of SSH, that remote doesn’t have a username.

I’m working on a fix.

pmeunier added a change on February 23, 2023
pmeunier closed this discussion on February 23, 2023