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#734 add an `extern` layer to allow usage from other languages

Opened by sellout on November 20, 2022
sellout on November 20, 2022

I appreciate that Pijul has its core functionality in a library, but currently it’s restricted to other Rust projects. Exposing the API via extern would make it possible to use via FFI from other languages. This could be in this repo or somewhere else. (Maybe it already exists in a separate repo?)

This is work I’d be happy to do with a bit of guidance as to where it should live.

pmeunier on February 23, 2023

Hi! Sorry for responding so late. I have some experience with calling Rust from other languages, but not at the scale of Libpijul. I don’t personally mind.

Inside Libpijul would probably work and force us to stay consistent, and outside would allow more flexibility and faster development.

What about a separate project (to which I’d be happy to contribute) in your Nest account to start progressively and cover all of Libpijul, and when that is done we can move it to the main Libpijul repo?

sellout on February 23, 2023

This sounds good to me. I’m currently between “copious free time” windows, but I’ll try to get an initial repo up with a basic Cargo.toml, etc. soon so there’s at least a place to focus attention for anyone who’s interested. I’ll link it here once that’s done.

sellout on February 23, 2023

Re: responding late – just a week or so ago, I was merging PRs & updating issues that were submitted to some of my projects almost a decade ago, so you’re doing alright 😆