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#735 [ID] create a dir

Closed on February 22, 2023
tankf33der on November 24, 2022
$ pijul id new
✔ Unique identity name · /etc/localhost
✔ Display name · root
✔ Email (leave blank for none) ·
✔ Do you want to change the encryption? (Current status: not encrypted) · no
✔ Do you want this key to expire? (Current expiry: never) · no
✔ Do you want to link this identity to a remote? · no
$ ls -l /etc/localhost/
total 8
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 275 Nov 24 15:11 identity.toml
-rw------- 1 root root 145 Nov 24 15:11 secret_key.json
finchie added a change on November 26, 2022
finchie on November 26, 2022

Good one! Might need to adjust illegal characters but let me know what you think.

pmeunier on February 22, 2023

Thanks for the patch! And sorry it took me so long to get to review them.

pmeunier closed this discussion on February 22, 2023
finchie on June 4, 2023

After some thought I don’t believe this is a very elegant way to solve things. Would it be possible to un-apply the previous patch in favour of a new patch I have created?

finchie added a change on June 4, 2023
finchie added a change on June 4, 2023
finchie on June 16, 2023

Never mind, I will introduce these changes as part of the refactoring in #804.