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#738 Named remote

Opened by irevoire on December 3, 2022
irevoire on December 3, 2022

Currently I hate the way the remote works, maybe it’s because I’m accustomed to git but I would really like the ability to create and access remotes without having to remember their full url / ssh addr.

If I want to contribute to pijul for example, I would like to have one;

  • default remote that represents my personal pijul fork
  • upstream remote that represents this repository
  • pmeunier if I wants to pull changes from the pmeunier fork
  • you get the idea

And then be able to run;

  • pijul push default --to-channel something
  • pijul delete tamo
  • pijul pull upstream
  • etc

I also find the fact that we need to push through the url, but we delete with the id quite cumbersome and inconsistent.

Is this the kind of features you would be interested in?

joyously on December 18, 2022

I vote Yes for consistency and ease of use.

But pijul push default could easily be interpreted as a local folder, so it needs something to indicate that it’s remote.