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#740 Guide to using pijul alongside git

Opened by puzzleshark on December 5, 2022
puzzleshark on December 5, 2022

Hi, I am new to pijul, but think it is really cool!

I was thinking, being on a large team, it would be hard to convince everyone to use the different VCS instead of git. But If I could use pijul alongside git to do the heavy-lifting of merges and patches, then it is an easier way to integrate pijul into my workflow.

I am not proposing pijul “knows” anything about git necessarily, but just that you would have a repo that is both a git repo and a pijul repo. And you could use the unique tools of pijul to help with the some aspects of VCS.

Mostly, I am wondering, does this kind of workflow make sense? And if so, it would be useful to have a guide for something like this.

joyously on December 18, 2022