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#821 libpijul/change/text_changes: fix TODO, get rid of tmp vector in get_change_contents()

Closed on December 25, 2023
laumann on July 26, 2023

There’s this TODO in get_change_contents():

// TODO: get rid of `tmp` and/or `buf`

we can remove tmp by tracking the necessary size changes and using Vec::resize.

laumann on July 26, 2023

Huh, I had a change ready to push, but I’m getting this error trying to push it:

Uploading changes [                                                  ] 0/1
Error: The HTTP server returned an error: No command specified
laumann on July 28, 2023

EDIT: managed to push the change…

laumann on July 28, 2023

@pmeunier: do I need permission to be able to push changes to discussions? I can push changes to discussions on my own repositories w/o problems.

EDIT: answer, nope, figured it out :-)

laumann added a change on July 28, 2023
laumann on July 28, 2023

Figured it out!

pl push --to-channel :821

did the trick!

pmeunier on December 25, 2023

Applied, thanks! Sorry it took so long.

pmeunier closed this discussion on December 25, 2023