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#933 [IPv6] respect addresses

Opened by tankf33der on April 17, 2024
tankf33der on April 17, 2024
# IPv4 works 
$ ~/.cargo/bin/pijul clone root@

$ ~/.cargo/bin/pijul clone root@::1:pijul
Error: Remote not found: "root@::1:pijul"

# this is my real IPv6 address.
$ ~/.cargo/bin/pijul clone root@2a01:4f9:3070:1c9d:::pijul
Error: Remote not found: "root@2a01:4f9:3070:1c9d:::pijul"
dblsaiko on April 17, 2024

The correct syntax I think would have to be root@[::1]:pijul but that doesn’t work either.