Single Page Application implementation of David Seah's wonderful productivity tool the Emergent Task Timer.

This is an Emergent Task Timer designed as close to David Seah's ETT as I could make it. It is meant to help you track your time in 15 minute blocks and works well in situations where you are working in an environment with distractions.

Table of contents

Quick start

This application functions as a single page app and needs to be accessed through a browser. Since it relies on localStorage and separate js files, it requires a webserver to be running.

While any webserver will do, there is a start script included for convenience that attempts to find a webserver on the local system to run what is finds against the current directory. The start script should be run directly from the repository root.

  • run ./start


This is a constant work in progress. Although I do use this app on a day-to-day basis, it is mostly a personal project to fiddle with vanilla javascript front-end rendering techniques without using a framework.

What's included

Mostly just and index.html file with supporting css, js, and images.

└── layout + styles
└── supporting images
├── ett app
├── date picker
└── modules/
    ├── bubbles
    ├── tasks
    ├── hours
    └── storage