projects involving the gemini protocol

gemini for rust

this library implements a small collection of types useful for writing programs that interact with the Gemini protocol.

planned features

  • [X] a gemtext module for representing text/gemini content
  • [X] parsers using nom
  • [ ] streaming response bodies
  • [ ] no_std support
  • [ ] improve doc comments with links n such
  • [ ] lossless gemtext representation

i also need to set up CI/CD... not sure the best way to approach this with pijul hosting.

i would like to thank Michael Gattozzi (@mgattozzi) for donating the gemini crate name for usage by this library. Michael's gemini project, which can be found here, is a handy attribute proc- macro that lets you write code with either a sync or async API with no additional maintenance overhead. thank you, Michael! <3