My Nix configuration

Rough roadmap (☑️ - Done, ☒ - In progress, ☐ - TODO):

  • ☑️ Basic setup with ease of adding new hosts
  • ☒ Modularize the codebase
  • ☐ Make it possible to update user configuration without root access, even on machines which use NixOS Home Manager module
  • ☐ Make the theme consistent throughout the system
  • ☐ Hopefully make it so that others can use some parts of this config without having to copy or fork it :)


  • legion - (Used to be) My main laptop and development machine. Nowadays serves mostly as a home server.
  • satelite - Small VPS I use to experiment with remote deployments
  • hijiri - (Currently) My main laptop and development machine. At some point will be split into -macos and -linux variants. (When Asahi gets more mature)
  • miyagi - My computer station at work.


Eww config for miyagi is temporarily borrowed from At some point it'll just be heavily inspired instead.