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#739 Make the default remote configurable through the cli

Opened by irevoire on December 3, 2022
irevoire on December 3, 2022

I noticed we could not configure the default remote thus I made a patch for it here

I don’t know why but I can’t push it in this discussion. From what I understand of the book, the command I should run is

% pijul push --to-channel main:#739
Uploading changes [                                                  ] 0/1
Error: The HTTP server returned an error: No command specified

But as you can see it throw an error

EDIT: thanks @rohan, I was able to push the changes 😁

rohan on December 5, 2022

I always use the ssh protocol, eg., pijul push ssh:// --to-channel main:739

Also, hopefully the # in your example was just the Nest being a little to clever

rohan on December 5, 2022

ps. main is the default so the –to-channel can just be :739

irevoire added a change on December 27, 2022