Pure-Rust asynchronous SSH library, both client and server


A full implementation of the SSH 2 protocol, both server-side and client-side.

Thrussh is completely asynchronous, and can be combined with other protocols using Tokio.


We welcome contributions. Currently, the main areas where we need help are:

  • Handling SSH keys correctly on all platforms. In particular, interactions with agents, PGP, and password-protected/encrypted keys are not yet implemented.

  • Auditing our code, and writing tests. The code is written so that the protocol can be entirely run inside vectors (instead of network sockets).

By contributing, you agree to license all your contributions under the Apache 2.0 license.

Moreover, the main platform for contributing is the Nest, which is still at an experimental stage. Therefore, even though we do our best to avoid it, our repository might be reset, causing the patches of all contributors to be merged.

Issue Reporting

Please report bugs on the issue page of this repository. Thrussh has a responsible disclosure vulnerability policy. Please contact contact@pijul.org if you have identified a security issue.