Pure-Rust asynchronous SSH library, both client and server

#11 Password Auth not sending expected packets

Closed on December 2, 2020
jgrund on December 1, 2020

In https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4252

The packets for password authentication are as follows:

 string    user name
 string    service name
 string    "password"
 boolean   FALSE
 string    plaintext password in ISO-10646 UTF-8 encoding [RFC3629]

However, thrussh is sending 1 (TRUE) which causes the message to be malformed and password auth to fail. If it is changed to 0 (FALSE) auth works.

jgrund added a change on December 1, 2020
pmeunier on December 2, 2020

I swear I had fixed that, but that was in the early days of Pijul 1.0, and it probably got lost. Thanks!

jgrund on December 2, 2020

Great, thank you. Would it be possible to cut releases with this change? I’d like to pull it from crates.io if possible.

pmeunier on December 2, 2020

Sure. Running the two publishing commands now.

pmeunier closed this discussion on December 2, 2020