# Eocalon
This project was born from my enjoyment of Dungeons and Dragons, my inability
to structure my free time in a way that let me play regularly, my playing with
[tectonic.js](https://davidson16807.github.io/tectonics.js/), and my ability to
write code.
Eocalon will be a setting for tabletop role playing games in interactive
digital form. The main screen will be a map of the world which will be navigable
via similar means to map applications based on Earth. This will be integrated
with pages providing information about places on the map, including
demographics, climate, and sometimes specific NPCs that players might meet.
The initial focus will be on making a workable setting for the 5th edition of
Dungeons and Dragons, but in time I would also like to add variations of the
setting optimised for playing with other systems.
## Roadmap
1. Train a tensorflow neural network on the chosen tectonic.js file
(in progress)
1. Use the javascript version of tensorflow and the trained model to draw the
map on an HTML canvas
1. Start adding things like continent names
1. Design at least one calendar to be used by the inhabitants of the setting
(in progress)
1. Start adding cities to the map.
## Contributing
I'm quite likely to accept purely technical contributions: I'm expecting this
project to be a lot of work.
I'm less likely to accept contributions which add details to the setting; but:
- It doesn't hurt to ask
- I encourage derivatives of this project, and even maintain a channel
[generic](https://nest.pijul.org/quickdudley/eocalon:generic#) intended to
facilitate this.