My Jianovka keyboard
# Jianovka
Jianovka is a chorded keyboard that looks similar to Jian or Corne keyboard, but uses chords instead of layers. Columnar stagger and thumb cluster are copied from Jian keyboard, but far-far-away pinky key removed. So Jianovka looks more like Jian, but has 42 keys like Corne.
![Jianovka keyboard](
This keyboard is designed to be made with Hall effect switches and keys from vintage Zbrojovka 262.3 keyboard, Teensy 2.0 microcontroller and QMK firmware.
Keyboard Maintainer: [Dmitry Nikolaev](
Files in this repository are in public domain.
You will also need Teensy KiCAD [symbols]( and [footprints]( and [QMK firmware with Jianovka keyboard]( files.