Lets setup self hosting over ssh for pijul

Long list short:

  • authorization
  • environment
  • check public key login
  • create first repo on server
  • clone over ssh

  1. copy public key to server (~/.ssh/authorized_keys)
  2. enable environment and restart ssh server:
  3. check public key login
client:~ $ ssh /bin/date
Thu May  4 11:44:33 UTC 2023
client:~ $ ssh pijul -V
pijul 1.0.0-beta.4
  1. create first repo and commit
server:~ cd
server:~ pijul init repo1
server:~ cd repo1
server:~ pijul add .ignore
Tracked 1 path(s)
server:~ pijul record -am"."
  1. clone over ssh
client:~ cd
client:~ pijul clone
Repository created at /home/mpech/repo1
Downloading changes [==================================================] 2/2
           Applying [==================================================] 2/2
 Completing changes [==================================================] 0/0
client:~ cd repo1

Happy coding!