My homepage

This is my homepage's source code. It utilizes the static site generator Soupault. The site is currently hosted at


You need to install Pijul to clone this repo.

For Markdown preprocessing, I used CMark. Build and install it before you try to build this site.

Build instructions

  1. Clone the repo using the following command:
    pijul clone
  2. Download Soupault and place the binary inside the root directory of the repo.
  3. Run the following commands:
    cd homepage
    chmod +x soupault
  4. Now the site can be found inside the /build directory.


This site uses the GNU GPLv3 license. For certain parts/assets, I might include a this is not my content/asset tag or something along those lines. If you are in rightful possession of any asset and you want to have it taken down, contact me on the channels below.


You can contact me on Matrix at